To the first-time parents and the fifth-time parents. To the stay-at-home dads and the working moms. We see you.

Googling “colic in babies” at 2 a.m. Fretting over pacifier usage at bedtime. Feeding around the clock.

Loving every second with your new little one.

And wondering if you’ll ever get more than three hours of sleep at a time again.

Being a parent is tough,
and it comes with so many questions.

You’re not alone.

For more than 115 years, families have turned to Hyland’s for time-tested solutions to the questions that keep them up at night.

We can’t change the three-hour sleep cycle. We have spent decades researching and testing the safest, gentlest homeopathic formulas for babies. So you and your little one can rest easier at night.  

At Hyland’s, your peace of mind is what keeps us up at night. 

Our Solutions

It takes a village to raise a baby. We’re honored when parents invite us into their homes to help heal the most precious parts of their lives. We take that role seriously. 

That’s why every Hyland’s formula is tested, tweaked and retested over decades. It’s why we never stop researching innovative new solutions. It’s why we’re committed to natural solutions for everyone in your family. 

We’ll be by your side for those first steps and that first cold. For the first laugh and that first earache. 

Because helping you is what we know best.

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